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“I learned to golf by hitting golf balls in a dirt field and checking golf books out of the public library.” Born and raised in Compton, California, Randall Hunt’s story is reminiscent of a lot of the great ones. Adversity overcome by tenacity and sheer will, chasing that little spark of greatness that reveals itself to the one willing to pay attention.

You may know the name, as Randall’s ten thousand hours spent on the desert driving range led him to develop a golf skill that saw him rise to the top of the country’s junior golfers, culminating in a full-ride golf scholarship to Pepperdine University. The humble days of trial and error and overdue library books leading him to an opportunity to golf for a Division 1 NCAA National Champion program.

But this is where Randall Hunt’s story diverges from the typical, and the difficulties he was about to overcome made the dirt-field days look like an oasis. During his time at Pepperdine, Randall suffered a car accident that left his right arm partially paralyzed. Numerous surgeries and rehabilitation attempts with some of the most renowned doctors, and the doctors arrived at their wit’s end. “You’ll never be able to fully use your right arm again,” that’s what they said to me. That, paired with the insistence that a life of chronic pain was to follow, and the death sentence on Randall’s lifelong passion was administered.

What do you do when a dream – seemingly – dies? You go back to the basics — in this case, back to the library.

Randall Hunt spent countless hours in numerous medical libraries learning everything he could about the human body. After years of failed attempts, he developed an interactive system for optimal nerve and muscle development to regain the full use of his right arm. To top, he also completely alleviated the chronic pain. “Once I regained the use of my right arm, I went back to competing in golf tournaments around the world.” But not just competing, Randall went from a partially paralyzed right arm to winning championships on a global scale.

It took a lot of trial and error, but Randall Hunt began to realize his dream didn’t die, it was derailed for a greater purpose. Using the innovative and proprietary knowledge he learned along his quest for healing led to the creation of his Bionetic system, which has been used by the United States Olympic Training Center and by some of the world’s greatest athletes. Fast forward, and Randall Hunt’s company, Athletic Apex, was forged with his DNA and operates the foundational tenets of which he lives his life, “Everything has a purpose, everything has a reason, and everything is done to the Apex.”

As acting CEO of the Athletic Apex Enterprise, Randall donates his time and resources to various charities, and he’s passionate about pushing past perceived limits, whether that be with his community outreach, his company, or his passion for aviation, something he can be found exploring in his spare time.

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